Irgun Limmud HaTanya, Bringing the Maayan to the People

Irgun Limmud HaTanya is an international organization devoted to spreading the awareness and knowledge of Chassidus to frum Yidden around the globe.

Irgun Limud HaTanya is a learning program under the auspices of Heichal Menachem of Boro Park, led by Rabbi Yoel Naparstek, that has now gone international and been established in many locations such as: Boro Park, Staten Island, Williamsburg, Lakewood, Antwerp with many more cities and countries currently in the developing 

Every single day, hundreds of Bachurim and Yungerlite spend time learning Tanya accompanied by the commentary found in both Chassidus Mevueres and Maynosecha.

In this past year alone, 750 people from around the world signed up to be a part of Irgun Limud HaTanya’s learning program. All of the learning is done on their own and in their spare time, and they are tested on the material about once a month. 

A hotline (845-582-1705) was created for individuals to sign up, ask questions about the topics discussed in Tanya, learn general information about the Tanya, and to hear shiurim (based on the Chassidus Mevueres commentary). 

Irgun Limud HaTanya also produces a booklet that is filled with review questions and insights on Tanya. Hundreds of copies are printed every month and enjoyed by many students from around the world.

As an added motivation to learn the Tanya and learn it well, Irgun Limud HaTanya offers a monetary reward to individuals who achieve a score of 80% or higher.

The organization is truly life changing, and the participant satisfaction speaks for itself.

One participant expressed his appreciation for Irgun Limud HaTanya. “This program truly changed my life and my Hashkafa, in a greater way than any other [Torah] organization.” Another participant related the excitement of the newfound knowledge and awareness in the following way. “Learning with the Irgun Limud HaTanya program, literally opened before me ‘gates of light’ and ‘gates of Chassidus’ in an unprecedented way!”

For more information and to bring Irgun Limud HaTanya to your city, feel free to contact Rabbi Yoel Naparstek at [email protected]

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