Irgun Limmud Hatanya, Bringing The Maayan To The People

Irgun Limud HaTanya of Heichal Menachem, run by R’ Yoel Naparstek, is on a mission to make the works of Chassidus attainable for the masses.

What began with a vision of providing the inspiration of Tanya to non-Lubavitch yungerliet, has now expanded into a global success of making the Alter Rebbe’s magnum opus accessible and relatable for Yidden across the globe!

This unique mossad was launched in 5777 with the hopes of inspiring bochurim and yungerleit from other Chassidic circles to learn Tanya. A scheduled and formatted curriculum was presented, even offering a financial incentive to committed learners; a veritable ‘Tanya-Kollel.’ 

Each year, their in-depth curriculum is growing. A state-of-the-art hotline was introduced as well, and many callers reach out with questions and clarifications on what they are learning.

The success has been outstanding! Grateful feedback has poured in from inspired students…they speak of the unparalleled depth and inspiration which the Tanya Kadisha is infusing into their lives! Others describe the newfound perspective and appreciation for Yiddishkeit which their studies have brought.

Irgun Limud HaTanya has invested so much into creating an appealing and ‘user-friendly’ curriculum that others began to hear of this new tool for studying Tanya. Since their founding, their program has now been sought out by teachers and Shluchim in cities across the globe.

On Yud Tes Kislev, we all make sure to celebrate by re-establishing our commitments to learning Tanya.

The only thing better than this is committing to enable other Yidden to also enjoy the inspiration of Sefer HaTanya!

The Holy Baal Shem Tov was informed by Moshiach himself, that the surest way to usher in his arrival is to bring his teachings to Yidden across the globe! And with this spreading of Chassidus, Moshiach will redeem us all.

And thus, Irgun Limud HaTanya invites you to mark this yoma de’pagra by joining in their yearly campaign. Powered by Raisethon, the fundraising goal is $101,000; the amount needed to expand their reach. 

Help them continue their holy Hafatzas HaMayanos work by visiting and making a donation today!

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