International Tanach Contest Highlights Rebbe’s Leadership

Watch: A video prepared for the International Chidon HaTanach this week highlights the Rebbe’s leadership and the work of the shluchim around the world.

By reporter

An upcoming presentation at the International Chidon HaTanach will highlight the Rebbe’s leadership and the work of the shluchim around the globe.

The ‘Chidon HaTanach’ or International Bible Contest is a worldwide competition on the Tanach for middle school and high school Jewish students from around the world. It is held annually by the Israeli government in Yerushalayim, and is attended by the Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of Education and the Chairman of the Jewish Agency.

This year’s competition will focus on Jewish leaders throughout the centuries, taking lessons from each one for children today. A number of presentations were prepared, each highlighting the life and work of another Jewish leader.

One such presentation will be highlighting the life and leadership of the Rebbe, and how his work continues through the shluchim dispersed in every corner of the world.


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