Inspiration From National Jewish Retreat Still Felt Weeks Later

More than just a luxurious vacation, the National Jewish Retreat pampers the body, opens the mind, and speaks to the soul. For participants the world over, the inspiration and empowerment of this spectacular week are still being felt long after the last goodbyes.

article: For an incredible week in August, over 1,100 participants came together for the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute’s (JLI’s) annual National Jewish Retreat, the long-awaited summer event that attracts people of all backgrounds for an immersive Jewish encounter.

After the retreat, participants shared their reflections and takeaways, with several describing it as “the highlight of the year” and “a taste of Moshiach’s times.” Shluchim were blown away by the practical impact of the retreat on their baalei batim, with many taking on personal commitments to grow in their Yiddishkeit, and to be ambassadors of spreading Torah and mitzvos to others.

Now, several weeks later, communities around the globe are basking in the inspiration of the retreat. Retreat attendees returned home enthused and ready to spread the impact to family, friends, and colleagues. Many of them took on hachlatos that are now illuminating their homes and surroundings.

Throughout the jam-packed week of the retreat, participants were treated to an array of experiences to delight the body and the soul. While enjoying the luxurious accommodations and abundant delicious meals, attendees were taken on a journey of intellectual stimulation interspersed with moments of laughter, introspection, camaraderie, and growth, all set on the beautiful sprawling campus of the Trump National Doral Miami Resort and Hotel.

Sessions, lectures, and interactive workshops covered the gamut of topics such as Jewish history, self–discovery and wellness, Torah and Chasidusmitzvos, contemporary Jewish voices and perspectives, meditation, art, music, and much more.

As one NJR patron shared: “The retreat challenges us to see Judaism as a practice that can enhance all aspects of life.”

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