Inspiration at Farbrengen Leads to New Mikvah in Camarillo, CA

After being inspired at a farbrengen to build a mikvah in his makom hashlichus, Rabbi Aryeh Lang got to work. But then two weeks before the opening, the mikvah needed rain to fill the boros and sunshine to allow construction to conclude…

It all began at a Beis Iyar farbrengen in Los Angeles with Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, where he encouraged Shluchim to step up and commit to building a Mikvah. Rabbi Aryeh Lang of Chabad of Camarillo decided to embrace this huge undertaking.

After a few years of working with architects and the city to get building permits, and a lengthy search to find the right contractor- someone who understood the holiness of a mikvah and the importance of halachic requirements, as well as quality workmanship- the project was on its way!

With funding from Mikvah USA, they broke ground on Gimmel Tammuz 2021, and with many generous partners including a grant from Merkos Mikvah Grants, the magnificent mikvah was completed mid-Teves of this year.

The closest Mikvaos to the Camarillo Mikvah are in Oak Park, which is 20 miles south, and in Santa Barbara, which is 56 miles north.

On Sunday, 29th of Shevat, January 22nd, Chabad of Camarillo celebrated this milestone achievement of a mikvah with a grand opening and women’s spa for the soul.

Just two weeks before the opening there was not enough rain to fill all the boros. But two weeks before, they also needed sunshine to pave the parking lot and finish construction!

Miraculously, it rained for two weeks before the opening, in historic proportions, unseen in decades, completely filling all the boros.

The miracle then continued, as the skies got clear and sunny for the few remaining days needed to install the pavers in the driveway leading up to the mikvah.

The mikvah has been in operation since the grand opening, to the delight of many clients.

Click here to see a video recap of the opening.

As Chabad of Camarillo, now celebrating 20 years, continues to explode with growth, so does the appeal of their beautiful, suburban city, offering families a local state-of-the-art mikvah, Shabbat and daily services, holiday programming, and an award-winning preschool, all located an hour outside of L.A., with incredible weather, against a backdrop of mountains and plenty of parks.

To partner with Chabad of Camarillo in all of their offerings, please participate in their annual matching campaign, their main fundraiser of the year!

It’s currently happening at

As all of their programmings continues to grow, Rebbetzin Leah Lang is searching for a Morah to service the school’s kindergarten class starting Summer or Fall of 2023.

Candidates should have experience in early childhood education, lesson planning, and Shlichus.

Gan Camarillo offers a great work environment, competitive pay, and a warm community, with excellent chinuch for Chabad children nearby (at Lamplighters Jewish Academy). Kosher dining is available within a 15-20 minute drive at Herzog Winery/Tierra Sur in Oxnard & Pizza Nosh in Agoura Hills. 

While the job offer is only for the Morah, this is a perfect opportunity for a couple or family with another source of income, such as a husband’s remote job, to live in a beautiful Shlichus community. 

Resumes with contact info of at least two references can be sent to: [email protected], or by calling Leah Lang 805-982-0831 or Shira Muchnik 805-248-3035.


The Camarillo Mikvah came to fruition through the tremendous support of so many!

Mikvah USA

Merkoz Mikvah Grants

Mikvah Name: Melly & Rochelle Lifshitz 

Room Dedicators: Baruch Ben Reuvein Cohen, The Herzog Family at Herzog Winery, Yekusiel and Hindi Kalmenson, Ezra & Lauren Kest, Lee & Leora Lewis

And many other generous partners from California, NY, and beyond

The Mikvah Committee: 

Motty Herzog

Leora Lewis 

Jeff Presser


Rivka Baitelman


Shai Butel Construction 

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