Initiatives Mark 30th Yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Yehudis Heller

Known for her crystal clear hashkafa and vibrant vision for women and girls, “Morah Heller” taught thousands of students in Beis Rivkah seminary and beyond, until her untimely passing in 1992. Now, her teachings are being organized for publication for all to benefit.

By reporter

For over two decades, Rebbetzin Yehudis Heller a”h gave girls and women in Crown Heights a sense of purpose and clear vision for life as a Jewish woman. Her Chumash classes in Beis Rivkah seminary were known for their clarity and practical Hashkafa content. She had the unique ability to distill classic meforshim and Chassidus and extract guidance for life.  

Sadly, Rebbetzin Heller passed away in 5752/1992, at the height of her influence. Thousands of her students mourned the loss of a great teacher, and thousands more missed out on the opportunity to learn from her.

In honor of her 30th yahrtzeit, on 11 Sivan, initiatives are being launched to make her teachings available to all. Her audio shiurim are being made available online and an overview of her life has been republished.

More significantly, a book containing all her lessons on the Torah is being prepared for print in the coming months. A further project will involve collecting all of her practical guidance for life and arranging them by topic for easy reading.

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