Initiative Invites Every Lubavitcher to Become A Shliach

A new initiative of Chabad Young Professionals International invites every member of Anash to become a “Mitzvah Ambassador”, encouraging young Jewish professionals to get a matzah, and pass one on as well.

Four years ago CYP successfully launched its ambassadors program. Based on the Rebbe’s hora’ah of shliach oseh shliach, CYP shluchim nominate “CYP Ambassadors” – young professionals from within their community who take an active leadership role and become a Mitzvah ambassador among their peers.

For each Yom Tov, when CYP shluchim distribute mivtzoim kits they encourage their community members to become an ambassador and pass the Mitzvah on to a friend. In this vein, thousands of young people in their 20s and 30s have received matzah for Pesach, Chanukah menorahs, and other mivtzoim kits. These young professionals may not have contact with a shliach yet, but when their peer hands them some matzah, they can’t refuse.

Now CYP is inviting anash to nominate ambassadors of their own. If you know a Jewish young professional, whether a colleague from work or a client who you think can be an ambassador and share the gift of matzah with their friends, nominate them at and CYP International will send them a free “Get One/Give One” matzah package with instructions to share with their friends. 

The Rebbe instructed that we should be mekarev yidden in a way of tofe’ach al m’nas l’hatfiach – that our teaching them empowers them to then teach others. When you nominate a Mitzvah Ambassador you are fulfilling this hora’ah and compounding the effect of every Mitzvah in doubled and redoubled measure. Once one person feels empowered to share a Mitzvah with another, there’s no telling how far will be the ripple effect. In other words, as the CYP Pesach packaging says, “Live it. Share it. It’s a freedom thing.”

Nominate a young Jew today at:

The Mitzvah Ambassadors initiative is made possible thanks to the Meromim foundation and Merkos 302.

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