Incredible Turnout at Montreal’s Yeshivas Bein Hazmanim

During Nissan, dozens of Montreal bochurim gathered every day at the Chai Center and at Yagdil Torah for Chassidus, davening, breakfast, Nigleh, and special shiurim from Montreal maggidei shiurim.

Montreal Bochurim united in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, bringing the Rebbe Nachas. The turnout was B”H stunning!

Seder Chassidus was followed by a heartfelt Davening and a delicious breakfast, served to the large group of boys who chose sincere learning instead of vacation time.

Their impressive commitment, including Niglah, the Rebbe’s Haggada, Halacha, and Inyanei Geulah uMoshiach in their full schedule, is an outstanding compliment to the Bochurim. Their enthusiasm touched the community deeply. 

The Rov, Rabbi Berel Bell, enthralled the boys with a Shiur on Hilchos Pesach, and Rabbi Yosef Minkowitz engaged the boys with a learning session on the Rebbe’s Seder.

As an added bonus, Seforim were raffled off. The grand prize was a Sicha that was held by the Rebbe, won by Hatomim Sroli Rodal.

We extend our deepest thanks to:

Rabbi Naftali Perlstein and Rabbi Dovid Perlstein for graciously hosting the morning Seder at the Chai Center.

Rabbi Shmuel Shuchat for graciously hosting the afternoon Seder at Yagdil Torah.

Mr. Benny Ahdoot for sponsoring the Seforim prizes in memory of his grandfather, Benayahu ben Pardjaz

Local Anash for sponsoring the learning booklets and daily breakfasts.

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