In This School, Students Tell on Each Other

Inspired by a narrative of Reb Mendel Futterfas, Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway launched the ‘Besura Tova’ initiative, where students celebrate acts of kindness they notice in fellow students.

During a farbrengen in 770 back in the Mems (1980s), a tale of transformation was shared by Reb Mendel Futerfas.

Inspired by his narrative, Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway embarked on a journey to instill the values of kindness and appreciation within its own Yeshiva where Reb Mendel himself farbrenged on occasion.

Thus, the ‘Besura Tova’ initiative was conceived, where celebrating acts of kindness witnessed in school served as a tangible embodiment of the teachings shared by Reb Mendel.

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