In the Heart of Tehran, Hundreds Celebrate New Torah

The Jewish community of Tehran had a lot to celebrate in its first gathering since Covid shut down the county. Hundreds came together to celebrate a new Sefer Torah, a siyum of Mishnayos, and the start of the new school year.

On Sunday, the Jewish community in Tehran, Iran gathered and celebrated one of the most exciting celebrations in recent years. This occasion was especially joyous because this was the first large celebration in the community since the outbreak of Covid.

Hundreds of Jews, including dozens of children, led by the Chief Rabbi of Iran, Rabbi Yehuda Garami, celebrated the dedication of a new Sefer Torah, a siyum of Mishnayos, and the start of the new school year.

The festivities took place amongst two very pressing political situations. Firstly, the pressure the West exerts on Iran regarding its nuclear programs, and secondly, the threats that leaders of Iran and Israel make against each other. Despite these seemingly tedious times, the celebration went on. This was a testament to the resilience of the Jewish Iranian community. Additionally, the Jews in Iran are disconnected from politics which allows them to maintain a full Jewish lifestyle with full freedom of worship, without interference from the authorities.

During the celebration, the Jewish community spent many hours together in the central synagogue in Tehran. The children demonstrated an impressive knowledge of Torah topics. Chief Rabbi Garami has been working hard to restore the greatness of the Torah in the Jewish communities of Iran. New dayanim have been appointed and shochets have been brought into the community. From these developments, it seems that Iran could again become a busy Jewish community. According to estimates, there are approximately 15,000 living in Iran Jews, and almost all are frum.

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  1. Amazing , very impressive.
    To chief Rabbi of Iran keep the good job God bless you, please don’t forget millions of Persians have Jewish roots and they been forced to convert or they are scared of the extremist so they don’t talk about there religion .

    Priority must be to get those closer to Judaism to give them a path to leaven more about there roots .

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