In New Song, Benny Thanks His Rebbis

In a heartwarming lyrics video, Benny Friedman sings a student’s song of appreciation to his rebbi for choosing to dedicate his life to his students instead of more lucrative professions, and the lasting impact that his rebbi had on him and his future achievements.

Chanukah is traditionally a time when teachers are shown appreciation and gratitude with gifts of Chanukah gelt.

In a new lyrics video, singer Benny Friedman shares the deep appreciation of a student to his rebbi for choosing to dedicate his life to his students instead of pursuing other, more lucrative professions, and the zechus of the rebbi’s family for supporting him in that. He also notes the lasting impact that his teacher had on him, and he credits his teacher with his future accomplishments in life.

The video was produced by Chasdei Lev, an organization dedicated to supporting and bolstering our teachers.


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I had a teacher
A Rebbi in my life
Who made me what I am today
I was too young then to know that I’d owe
A debt I could never repay

Now, we were no angels
But Rebbi stayed on
He saw something we couldn’t see
Year after year at the front of the class
Building the world that would be

He could’ve been a doctor accountant, a lawyer
Had wealth and a fancy degree
He could’ve chosen to go for the gold
But instead my Rebbi chose me

How I wish you could see that the message you taught
(x2 the lessons we’ve learned)
Remains with us all of our lives
Rebbi, just know that you’re changing the world
You do it one child at a time
Countless talmidim who stand up and say
Thank you, dear Rebbi
Every day

I had a teacher
A Rebbi in my life
But it’s only now when I’m grown
I realize that teacher and Rebbi of mine
Had a family and life of his own
And I’d like to tell them
You all have a zechus
Because you were there to support
Like Rabbi Akiva who said of his wife
All that is mine’s really yours

May you all have brochos
And share joy and nachas
And blessings for eternity
You could have chosen to go for the gold
But with you, my Rebbi chose me


Produced By: Yechiel Schron               
Composed & Directed By: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics By: Miriam Israeli
Arranged By: Avrumi Berko
Mixed By: Yaniv Balas
Vocal Production By: Doni Gross
Vocals Recorded At: DeG Studios, NYC, Studio 6, Lakewood, NJ
Album Artwork: Thinkink Creations
Lyric Video & PR: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC
Photos: Google Images
Additional photos/footage courtesy: Yeshiva Ohr Naftoli New Windsor – Crunch Time Media

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  1. Geshmak 🙂
    Yasher koach
    Has me thinking of Rabbi Fitzi a”h and Rabbi Within a”h , Morristown.

    Where would many of us be if not for them.
    Mashiach now !

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