In Just 3 Days, $18,000 Can Be Yours!

Travel credit for the summer plans you thought were unaffordable? Imagine the shock you’ll feel when they announce your name.

Yossi jumps out of bed in the morning. He’ll be in his Kitah Beis classroom in just under an hour, and he just can’t wait to see his Rebbi and classmates. 

Oholei Torah is more than just a school for Yossi. It’s where he gets his chayus for learning, his bren for yiddishkeit, and his energy to be a proud chossid. 

The Rebbe was firm in his steadfast brachos for the supporters of Oholei Torah: You contribute to the moised, you are promised to have nachas from your own children. 

Whether you win the prize of your dreams or not, in contributing to Oholei Torah, you are always a guaranteed winner.

What do YOU have your eyes on? 

A travel credit for the summer plans you thought were unaffordable? 

A new silver set to uplift your Shabbos table? 

How about an $18,000 cash prize? Just imagine the shock you’ll feel when they announce your name as the winner.

Nu… what are you waiting for? With just a few days left, you don’t want to regret a missed opportunity!

Let’s charge toward the finish line! 

Stay tuned for the grand drawing this Motzei Shabbos. We’re rooting for you!

Click here to buy tickets.

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