Imahos U’banos to Begin New Session in Six Locations

A new session of Imahos U’banos will open in Crown Heights, Kingston, PA, and South Florida, drawing mothers and daughters closer through Torah study.

It’s not only the boys who are hitting the books this week.

The Women’s Circle will be kicking off its eighth season of Imahos U’banos with three venues in Crown Heights as well as Kingston, Pennsylvania, Pomona, NY, and South Florida.

Imahos U’banos, or IUB, invites mothers and daughters to study together each month. The program offers prepared study guides connected to the parsha and yoma d’pagra with the option of girls bringing their own homework or study material. Like Avos U’banim, treats, raffles, and a grand finale event are par for the course.

Interestingly, it isn’t these perks that keep girls returning. Many look forward to this uninterrupted, focused time with their mothers as the treat of the month. Several moms have said it is their chance to really connect one on one and see where their daughters are in learning and life. IUB welcomes girls from age seven and up and is open to everyone in the community. 

The Imahos Ubanos program will be held on a monthly basis, providing learning material to participants, although women and girls are welcome to bring their own as well as refreshments and prizes.

For more information on our other locations or to bring this program to a location near you, please contact the Crown Heights Women’s Circle at [email protected]

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