Imagine Shopping Without Thinking Twice

A $3,500 Amazon gift, $700 a month at Gourmet Glatt, and $1,300 to spend at H&M, COS and J. Crew are just some of the exciting prized being offered at the Ten Yad auction this year.

Whatever shopping list you are aiming to tackle next, the Ten Yad Auction has got you covered.

Finally click “Move to Cart” on the items that have been on your Amazon wishlist for way too long. You can now buy all of them, guilt free, using your $3,500 Amazon gift card.

Your monthly grocery bill? Completely taken care of. Enjoy $700 a month (that’s $8,400 throughout the year!) at Gourmet Glatt. Choose the finest cuts of meat from their extraordinary meat department, the most delicious wines from their extensive selection, or treat yourself to their tantalizing selection of prepared foods.

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe? We can help! With $1,300 to spend, shop ’til you drop, and then some more! Hit up HM, COS and J. Crew to add some flair to your wardrobe and some confidence to your step.

The above mentioned are just three of the nearly 100 incredibly luxurious prizes that are available for you to win in the Ten Yad auction. 

Ten Yad is an organization that is dedicated to facilitating beautiful beginnings. They provide financial aid, bridal gowns, and household essentials to brides in need so that they can begin the next chapter of their lives with dignity and their heads held high.

Times have changed. COVID-19 has rocked the globe, bringing with it many unforeseen challenges and rippling effects. The amount of Kallahs in need is steadily rising, and Ten Yad is committed to showing up for them to help them experience their beautiful moment in time in this extremely turbulent world.

Buy your tickets now for the chance to both win big and bring tremendous joy to new, young couples as they begin the next chapter of their lives

For more information and to purchase tickets visit

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