Imagine Having to Drive 7 Hours for a Mikvah

Human life cannot exist without water. Jewish life cannot exist without the water of a Mikvah. Yet, there are small Jewish communities living without access to this source of life. Help seven of them build their very own mikvah.

Water Changes Everything!

Human life cannot exist without water. For thousands of years, civilizations survived and were built around banks of fresh water: rivers, lakes, and springs. Without water, there is no life.

Jewish life cannot exist without the water of a Mikvah. Mikvahs are key to creating growing Jewish homes and a vibrant Jewish future. Yet, across North America, there are small Jewish communities living without access to this source of life.

Please contribute to help build a Mikvah in the wilderness!

We now have the opportunity to change everything for SEVEN communities and create an oasis to build lasting Jewish families through the power of water, through the impact of Mikvah.

The seven planned Mikvaos will serve some of the largest geographic areas for women to take part in this mitzvah. Over 100 local women will regularly use these seven Mikvaos, along with many more travelers and visitors who will benefit.

Today you can join an unprecedented campaign to help seven communities across North America build a Mikvah. Today, YOU can help us bring Mikvah home!

For dedication inquiries or any general questions please email [email protected] or call 347-901-4205

Thank you for your generosity and may G-d Almighty bless you with all of His infinite goodness in abundance!

Please click here to donate generously!


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