If Menorahs Could Parade, Why Not Sukkahs?

A very unique parade took place in Chicago this past Sukkos, with seven Sukkah mobiles parading near a popular sports destination spreading the word about the mitzvos of the Yom Tov.

After a day of amazing mivtzoim in Chicagoland, bentching lulav and esrog with hundreds and much Mivtzoyzim, seven Sukkah mobiles paraded in Downtown Chicago’s South Loop, during the heights of a famous and popular soccer game with 60,000 fans, promoting Mivtza Sukkah.

The parade, with vehicles from many Chabad Houses and included a unique Sukkah on a Bike, went down major streets Downtown with speakers blasting and bright LED lights blaring, and passed many exits leading to the stadium.

The parade was a huge kiddush Hashem and impacted the thousands that saw it, literally serving as a “Simchas Beis Hashoavah on Wheels,” bringing the joy of Sukkos to the streets.

Now more than ever, it is important for strong public displays of Am Yisroel Chai!!

The Downtown Chicago Sukkos Parade was organized and arranged by the Chicago Mivtzoyim Office. Thank you to bochurim Levi Moscowitz, Chananya Moscovici and Yakkov Silverman from Chabad of Bucktown; and Rabbi Gershon from Chabad of South Loop.

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