IDF Soldiers Make Up Simchas Torah Hakofos

With a Sefer Torah in one arm and a machine gun in the other, IDF soldiers who missed out on Simchas Torah because they were called up to fight the terrorists, danced Hakofos with Florida shliach Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus.

Rabbi Raphael and Goldie Tennenhaus, Co-Directors of Chabad of South Broward for 44 years, recently headed to Eilat, where they visited a nearby IDF Army Base.

Rabbi and Mrs. Tennenhaus, have been in Israel since Sukkot helping with “the War effort”, since the Simchat Torah War Began. 

Their visit was coordinated by Rabbi Mendy Klein, from the Central Chabad House in Eilat. Ten new pairs of Tefillin were distributed to IDF soldiers at this base.

Rabbi Tennenhaus assisted soldiers on this base to put on Tefillin while Rebbitzen Tennenhaus spoke to the female soldiers at this base about lighting Shabbat candles.

Both Tefillin and Shabbos candles, in addition to being Mitzvot, also contain a critical dimension of protection for Jewish people everywhere, including and especially in the land of Israel.

During one of their stops, Rabbi Tennenhaus arranged Hakofos at an Army base for IDF soldiers who missed out on Hakofos on Simchas Torah because they were called up to fight the terrorists.

In addition, during the first two weeks of the Simchas Torah War, Rabbi and Mrs Raphael and Goldie Tennenhaus did Mivztoim in Yerusholayim, including with IDF soldiers at the Kosel.

This week, they visited Army Bases in the South including the largest Air Force Base in Israel. 

While in the area of Eilat, Rabbi and Mrs Tennenhaus are assisting and uplifting many of the thousands of refugees from the South, who have relocated (for now) to the vicinity of Eilat.

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