IDF Soldiers Asked for the Real Thing

When an IDF Soldier asked Rabbis Moishy Serebryanski and Eliyahu Ezagui to visit his base, he emphasized that the soldiers want more than just food and merrymaking – they want a shiur in Torah by a shliach of the Rebbe.

By reporter

Last week, two Chabad volunteers, Rabbi Moishy Serebryanski and Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui, visited several IDF army bases to show support and appreciation for the soldiers’ vital work.

“I was talking to a soldier with whom I put on tefillin and he invited me to his base to teach Torah,” Serebryanski told “He said that many people visit to bring food and show support, but the soldiers want real Torah learning, particularly from a shliach of the Rebbe.”

During their visit, they shared food and drinks, learned Torah with the soldiers, and helped them put on tefillin. Additionally, they successfully signed up over 100 soldiers for the Unity Sefer Torah project.

The soldiers were deeply uplifted by the visit and expressed their gratitude. They asked that others add Torah study and mitzvos in their merit, recognizing how the Torah and mitzvos truly protect them.

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