IDF “Investigating” After Soldiers Dance With Lubavitchers

The IDF stated that it will be launching an investigation of an incident in the town of Huwara, in which IDF soldiers danced with Lubavitcher chassidim who came to do mivtzoim on the night of Purim.

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The IDF stated that it will be launching an investigation of an incident in Huwara, in which IDF soldiers danced with Chabadnikim on leil Purim.

Chabad chassidim in Israel travel every year to IDF posts throughout Israel on Purim to read the Megillah to the soldiers and distribute mishloach manos.

This year in Huwara, local Arabs gathered around the soldiers and began throwing stones. Some Jews, who apparently had come to the village to retaliate for four stone-throwing attacks by villagers earlier in the evening, retaliated – and clashes between the two groups ensued. Jews at the scene reported that some of the Arabs were armed with metal rods and baseball bats. The group of Lubavitchers, however, had come for mivtzoim and were not connected with any of the incidents.

Videos of the dancing spread on social media. Palestinian activist Nour Odeh posted a video of the dancing, stating: “Happening now: Israeli settlers tormenting Huwara residents still reeling from the last pogrom.” Interestingly, she failed to mention the “Israeli settlers,” who are still reeling from the “last double murder.”

A statement from the IDF on Tuesday morning stated that “the incident seen in the video continued for a number of minutes. The circumstances of the incident are being clarified. The behavior of the soldiers is not in accordance with what is expected of soldiers in operational activity.”

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