Iconic 770 Multi-Pushka Gets an Upgrade

After years of collecting countless coins and bills for a long list of tzedaka causes, the iconic multi-pushka in 770’s wall was removed and exchanged for a newer model. 

By Anash.org reporter

Every penny adds up…

For many years, the iconic ‘multi-pushka’ in the wall of the main zal of 770 collected countless coins and bills for tzedaka causes. On Wednesday, it was switched out.

The pushka contained slots collecting money for Hatzalah, Colel Chabad, Oholei Torah, Lubavitch Yeshiva, and Chabad institutions from as close as Flatbush and as far away as Italy and Eretz Yisroel.

Children would enjoy dropping coins in slot after slot, and adults would chose their favored mosdos to deposit a dollar or two.

After many years of use, the entire pushka contraption, along with the bookshelf that held it, was removed on Wednesday. With the pushka attached to the wall, it was no simple feat and took tools and workers to help complete the task.

After it was removed, a new bookshelf and pushka were installed, and was immediately put to work collecting tzedaka again.

The work was done by 770 manager R’ Yosef Yitzchok Kratz and R’ Menachem Ezagui.

“The new pushka will make it easier to empty the smaller individual pushkas, and deliver the money to their intended destinations,” Rabbi Kratz told Anash.org. “It also prevents coins from falling from one slot into the next, or onto the floor of the bigger unit, as has been happening until now.”

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