“I Sat Down for 4 Hours Straight After Reading It”

Not just a magazine laden with rich content, a recent Derher article made waves when it set off a movement of many chassidim to adopt the practice of learning the “Chassidishe Parsha” each week.

In sichos, farbrengens and letters, the Rebbe frequently refers to Torah Or and Likkutei Torah as the “Chassidishe Parsha” or “Chassidishe Sedrah” of the week.

The Rebbe attributed this idea to the Frierdiker Rebbe. Just as there is a Parsha in the Torah that is read every week, there are maamarim that make up a “Chassidishe Parsha.” These are the maamarim of Torah Or and Likkutei Torah.

The extent of this analogy can be seen in the Rebbe’s words on Shabbos Parshas Vayeshev 5746:

“There is a well-known saying of the Alter Rebbe that one must ‘live with the times’, which means—as the Mitteler Rebbe explained—to live with the lessons of that week’s Parsha, especially the portion of the Parsha related to that day. On Sunday—from the beginning of the Parsha until Sheini, and so on, until Shabbos—from Shevi’i until the end of the Parsha.

“Since the Torah is eternal, all of its lessons are eternal as well. Therefore, when one studies these lessons in the Parsha on a given day, one must ‘live’ with them, incorporating their teachings into one’s daily routine.

“Just as this is true about the regular Parshas Hashavua, so too with regard to the Chassidishe Parsha, one should ‘live’ with the maamarei Chassidus of that week. 

“In fact, since Chassidus is Pnimius Ha’Torah, the idea of eternal relevance is more pronounced. After all, pnimius is more permanent than chitzoniyus, as seen in the contrast between the neshama and the guf. Thus, the timeless relevance of these lessons is even more pronounced.”

A recent article in the Derher magazine explored the background of this minhag and the Rebbe’s instructions about it.

Shortly after the article was published, members of the Derher team started receiving messages from people sharing that they were inspired by the article to start learning the Chassidisher Parsha.  

“I hadn’t even read the full article but I got this urge to start the Likkutei Torah for this week. I learned it over the week and finished it for the first time in my life on Shabbos morning.”

“After reading the article, I was so inspired that I immediately sat down for four hours and learned the entire Chassidisher parsha!”

“I wonder how many people started Likkutei Torah worldwide because of this article?”

Those were a few of the messages.

Derher is not only a magazine laden with rich content, it actually motivates people to take practical steps to improve their hiskashrus and become a better Chossid.

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