“I Must Have a Bias Towards Machon Chana”

50 years ago, the Rebbe selected the first baalas tshuva yeshiva in the world to carry his mother’s name, and called the students “meine techter” – my daughters. On Rebbetzin Chana’s yahrzeit, help the yeshiva expand.

50 years ago, the Rebbe selected the first baalas tshuva yeshiva in the world to carry his mother’s name, and called the students “meine techter” – my daughters. On Rebbetzin Chana’s yahrzeit, help the yeshiva expand.

A Collection of Anecdotes and Stories expressing the Rebbe’s unique bond and care for Machon Chana.

The Rebbe’s Bias: At a public Farbrengen (ש”פ בשלח תשמ”א) proceeding Machon Chana’s Melave Malka fundraiser, the Rebbe encouraged everybody to go and show support. The Rebbe used the words “It is understood that I must have a bias towards Machon Chana.

The Rebbe’s Care: The Rebbe helped each of the 71 new Mosdos in their first year by paying for 10% of their expenses. There was one exception – Machon Chana. In the first year, the Rebbe funded 100% of Machon Chana’s expenses.       

The Rebbe’s Daughters: The Rebbe saw Machon Chana as an extension of his family, and truly adopted it as his own personal Moised. The Rebbe thanked the dorm mother, Mrs. Gansburg a”h, during a yearly Pesach visit to the dorm, saying “Thank you for raising my daughters!” 

The Rebbe’s Home: On seder night, the Rebbe visited various Moisdos in Crown Heights. After visiting these Mosdos, the Rebbe continued on to visit the Machon Chana dorm. As they were walking, someone asked the Rebbe, “Where are you going now?” The Rebbe responded, “Now, I am going home!

The Highest Standards: When the Machon Chana property was first purchased, the Rebbe wanted to ensure that the renovations would be done to the highest of standards. The Rebbe saw plastic cutlery being used, and asked that they use dishes made of china, and when the Rebbe saw the chandelier that was chosen, the Rebbe said, “You couldn’t buy a nicer chandelier for my mother?!”

A Personal Matter: At one point, the students at Machon Chana didn’t have the financial support that they needed. The Rebbe demanded of his Chassidim, writing. “Where are those that are Mekusher to me?!” The Rebbe underlined the word “me” three times, expressing how personal Machon Chana is to the Rebbe! 

Top Salaries: When it came to teacher’s salaries, the Rebbe asked for the teachers at Machon Chana to be paid handsomely, “At least as much as a top college!.”

The Rebbetzin is Always Present: Rabbi J.J. Hecht once asked the Rebbe, “Since Machon Chana is your mother’s home, when is she here?” The Rebbe replied, “Since the girls are continuing in her footsteps, her presence is always here.”

Care for their Nourishment: The Rebbe once toured and examined the kitchen at Machon Chana, and asked the cook if she makes the food in a ‘heimish manner’ rather than the commercial-style food that is usually served in an institution. Additionally, the Rebbe sent all the fruit baskets that the Chassidim gifted to the Rebbe (on 15 Shvat) to the dorm for the Machon Chana girls.  

Yearly Pictures: The Rebbe wanted pictures of the girls each year, and yearly, on the Rebbe and the Rebbetzen’s anniversary, an album was created by the girls with one page prepared by each girl with a few personal lines, a poem, or an art piece.

Extra Dollars: Parents of Machon Chana girls who came to dollars were always given extra dollars if their daughter was studying in Machon Chana.

At Machon Chana, we have a strong acceptance policy that we never turn a girl away because she cannot afford to pay tuition. Thanks to this policy, there are now tens of thousands of Machon Chana alumnae around the world, leading meaningful lives of Torah and Mitzvos. Many have passed on this eternal gift to their children, families, and communities around them.

Understandably, our acceptance policy leaves Machon Chana with a large financial deficit to cover each year. Please partner with us in our crowd-funding campaign to cover this deficit and continue giving young women the opportunity to enrich their lives through Torah and Mitzvos!

There is surely no better way to end the year of Hakhel than by enabling fellow Jewish women to join Machon Chana, where they will hear, see, and absorb the wisdom of the Torah as one!

“Because Machon Chana is named after my mother… therefore everyone should participate financially!” (The Rebbe, ש”פ בשלח תשמ”א).

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