I Came To the Rebbe For Tishrei. Now What?

A bochur writes of the organization that makes sure that when he and his friends travel to spend Tishrei by the Rebbe, their trip is a productive one, by taking care of all their physical and spiritual needs.

By Mendy K

Vaad Hatmimim literally thinks of everything.

As a Bochur, I look forward to spending Tishrei in Crown Heights for months in advance.

My parents and Yeshiva coordinate with Vaad Hatmimim to ensure I am properly registered, and all the necessary documents are uploaded to Vaad Hatmimim in advance.

Upon arrival, I go through the “check-in” process, where I am informed of my accommodations, and provided with all my requirements for my lodging, blanket, pillows etc, as well as a comprehensive schedule for the upcoming weeks.

My day is filled to the brim with inspiring shiurim, nightly Farbrengens, and subsidized bussing services to and from the Ohel.

Meals are arranged as well, and 3 hot meals a day are prepared for the many bochurim who, like me, are spending Tishrei far from home, in the “Daled Amos” of the Rebbe.

My Yeshiva back home is also coordinated with, and I spend most of my time in shiurim with my Magidei Shiurim and Mashpiyim from Yeshiva.

Every year I hear stories from the older Bochurim who were fortunate enough to spend Tishrei in Crown Heights.

While Today’s Bochur may differ from the Bochurim of previous generations, the stories are eerily reminiscent of the famous stories we’ve heard of legendary Chassidim who trekked across Russia to Lubavitch for Tishrei.

As this is my first year, I’m looking forward to being in the presence of such kedusha, and I’m sure it will inspire me in my hiskashrus throughout the year.

Thank you Vaad Hatmimim for all you do for Today’s Bochur!

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