“You Don’t Have To Be a Rabbi To Do Shlichus”

The Tut Altz Mega Event will feature a short film on the power of one mitzvah to connect someone forever and its inevitable chain effect. The film will present members of the wider Jewish community who perform outreach in the Mivtzoim model of one mitzvah at a time.

A prominent feature at the Tut Atz Mega-Unity Farbrengen Event on April 19th is the story of “modern orthodox” Mr. Sam Stelzer who believes in touching every Jew in the world with a Mitzvah – one person at a time, one mitzvah at a time.

“Just One Shabbos,” a short film to be featured at the event, tells Sam’s story: a secular Jewish student in college who was running away from the traditions at home until the moment that changed everything. Seltzer encounters Rabbi Dovid Teichtel, Chabad Shliach to Champaign, IL, who invites him for just one Shabbos and his life is changed forever.

The film is a testament to the power of one mitzvah to effectuate kibbutz goliyus and highlights the influence Seltzer has had on Mr. Izaac Fouladi, amongst others, with the belief that one mitzvah at a time, one person at a time, is effectuating Kibbutz Galiyus in the spiritual sense and building a “Moshiach world”.

Overall, the Mega-Unity Farbrengen Event promises to be a powerful and inspiring experience for all who participate. With a diverse lineup of speakers, influencers, and films, this event is not to be missed. We invite everyone to purchase tickets to attend or tune into the live stream on regular Jewish streaming platforms. Let us come together as a community to explore the power of Moshiach to unite us and inspire us towards practical action.

Purchase tickets: TutAltz.com

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