Hundreds Unite in Support and Well-Wishing for Rabbi Wagner’s Birthday

Celebrating the 55th birthday of Rabbi Akiva Wagner, the campaign for his Yeshiva goes live hoping to bring him a gift deserving of his lifelong toil.

As friends and family celebrate the 55th birthday of Rabbi Akiva Wagner, a campaign for his Yeshiva has gone live, aimed at providing him with a gift worthy of his lifelong dedication.

Today, Tes-Zayin Iyar, is the birthday of the beloved Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner, who has invested almost his entire adult life in the Yeshiva and its Bochurim. Unfortunately, he has faced health challenges that have threatened his involvement in the Yeshiva.

Disregarding the struggles, the yeshiva continues to flourish and spread forth light to its Bochurim, the community, and over time, to the world at large.

Today, friends and family have launched a fundraiser to help his Yeshiva flourish, and allow it to expand further – with the purchase of a new Dormitory and more.

The campaign running through today and tomorrow is aiming to reach $700,000, allowing the purchase and remodeling of its new Dormitory – the house of the late Rabbi Aronov A”H.

Many past Alumni, Parents, and Friends have shown their support via short videos of well-wishing and a call to action to participate in this campaign, allowing the Yeshiva to continue to provide their enjoyable experience to countless others.

They are amongst hundreds of others who have shown their support via donations to the campaign, whether one-time or recurring, helping the Yeshiva achieve its goal.

Take part and donate, additionally, you can select a Hachlata you will take on in the merit of Rabbi Wagner’s speedy recovery, and make a tangible impact.

Click here to donate now!

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