Hundreds of Rambam Learners Celebrate at Boro Park Siyum

Hundreds of Rambam learners gathered in Boro Park to celebrate the completion of the entire Mishne Torah. The grand event featured Rabbi YY Jacobson, and popular lyricist Reb Motti Ilowitz along with the Yedidim choir.

On Sunday, Beis Iyar, a massive event organized by The Daily Rambam International Project, was held at the Beis Yaakov High School on 15th Avenue and 45th Street in Boro Park to celebrate the Siyum Harambam.

The event featured addressed by Rav Elozor Nisson Rubin, Rav Shloime Schwartzberg, and a keynote address by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok (YY) Jacobson.

Emotional highlights will be presented by the legendary Reb Motti Ilowitz along with the Yedidim choir making for an unforgettable evening dedicated to celebrating Torah mastery, and the endurance of a program that perpetuates the study of Rambam among tens of thousands of Yidden around the world. 

The Daily Rambam International Project was established three years ago, to bring the transformational light of daily Rambam learning to every Yid, everywhere. Daily Rambam learning empowers every individual to master the entire Torah She’baal Peh over three years, by learning just one perek daily.

The shiurim on provide an exceptional learning experience, where you feel like you are sitting across the table from the teacher. The text of the Rambam flows along with the shiur. Diagrams and visuals are also included, to enhance the learning experience.

The shiur in Yiddish is delivered by Rabbi Elazar Nissan Rubin, a renowned maggid shiur who is well known for his Daf Yomi shiur, which is broadcasted live across the globe.

The shiur in English is presented by Rabbi Shloime Schwartzberg, a maggid shiur known around the world for his brilliant clarity and inviting teaching style, whose Daf Yomi shiurim are also widely followed internationally. Learners with or without yeshiva background connect with R’ Schwartzberg’s unique shiur style which is both fascinating and clear.

For thousands of individuals who prefer to learn by phone, Daily Rambam International also provides a sophisticated phone system, Rambam on the Line, with many user-friendly features. Since its launch hundreds of thousands of unique callers have accessed the shiurim! Together, via website –, and by phone – 718-480-0200, thousands of people learn Rambam every day, changing the landscape of Torah learning.


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  1. this sure brings a Nachas ruach to the rebbe, and is the real unity the rebbe wants by learning Rambam, all Yiddin all over under one roof, united, to learn the Rambam Yomi!

    thank you Rabbi Ahron Ginzburg!!

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