Hundreds of Manchester Children Rally for Eretz Yisroel

Over 250 children gathered in Lubavitch House Manchester for a grand rally for Eretz Yisroel hosted by Rabbi Avrohom Jaffe.

In a heartwarming and lively gathering, Lubavitch House Manchester played host to a remarkable Tzivos Hashem Rally on a sunny Sunday afternoon. This event brought together boys and girls under the age of bar/bas mitzvah under the banner of “Mipi Olelim… (From the mouths of young children).”

The rally was organized with a sense of urgency, driven by the noble purpose of securing additional protection for our brave soldiers and the broader Klal Yisroel community. It harmoniously blended the three fundamental pillars of Torah , Tefila and Tzedokko, with a special focus on Simcha shel mitzvah. This emphasis on joyous fulfillment of mitzvahs was especially fitting, given that the rally occurred just one day after the birthday of the revered Rebbe Reshab, renowned for coining the phrase “Simcha Poretz Geder.”

The charismatic Buchy Gluck, an incredible entertainer, well known in Europe for his versatile singing abilities, electrified the entire crowd, igniting a spirit of unity, as attendees sang and danced together in great Achdus Adults, leaders, and children collaborated to create an electric and unforgettable atmosphere.

Rabbi Avrohom Jaffe introduced the event, and organizer Rabbi Dov Ber Klein expressed astonishment at the overwhelming success, far surpassing his expectations. A staggering 250 children left the event with memories they will cherish, and many went home with exciting prizes.

Lubavitch Manchester extends their heartfelt gratitude to all the leaders, advisors, and sponsors who contributed to this extraordinary event. Their hope is that the spiritual power generated here will be immediately felt, not only across the globe but especially on the warfront in Gaza where it is needed most.

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