Hundreds of Guests Stranded in Crown Heights: You Can Help

Many families who have come to the Rebbe for Tishrei are being kicked out of rental apartments in the day or two and need a place to stay until flights to Eretz Yisroel resume.

A call to residents of Crown Heights to help guests who are stranded here because of the war:

Many guests, mainly couples and families with children, who rented apartments until today or tomorrow, are now contending with vacating their apartment even though their flights have been delayed. They have no place to sleep until they can fly.

Eshel is trying to help but has not been able to respond to so many requests for help.

Eshel turns to residents of Crown Heights with a request: Can you host couples or even families with children?

Please send details to [email protected]with your full name, how many people you can host, for how many days, and we will be in touch with you to match you up with guests.

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