Hundreds of Chabad Houses To Hold Meaningful Chanukah Event For Kids

Partnering with CKids, several shluchos collaborated to create the glow-in-the-dark Chanukah Disco – an exciting program that will inspire children to illuminate their surroundings and dispel the darkness in the world.

Life for a Jewish child in the public school system today is fraught with challenges like never before. Between the constant global upheaval, the general stresses synonymous with modern times, and distractions like technology and social media, shluchim are seeing a real need to empower these kids with the tools to respond to the darkness with light.

Partnering with CKids, several shluchos brainstormed on how to create a Chanukah event that will impart the vital message to today’s children that they can make a difference. After hours of planning and collaboration, the glow-in-the-dark Chanukah Disco was born – an exciting program that will teach these ideas through hands-on experience.  

“More than 3000 children worldwide will internalize this message as they take on a Mitzvah at the “Lighting up the Night” flame wall, armed with the knowledge that their little light impacts the entire universe,” shares Bracha Jurkowitz, CKids Clubs director. “It’s learning through living.” 

Kids will also get to create a cool glow-in-the-dark dreidel, decorate their own glow cupcakes, and so much more at all of the Glow Crazy activity stations that will welcome them to the event. 

For the next exhilarating part of the program, everyone will make their way to the dance floor for the Great Dreidel Spin-Off, followed by a high-stakes elimination game of Hit-the-Target. Then, when it’s time to burn off some energy, the Chanukah dance-off will begin, giving the kids the time of their lives with a pumping Chanukah music track and follow-along video. To top it off, every child will get their moment to shine when they show off their own original dance move to the entire hall!

“Our primary goal is to give these children a powerful love for Yiddishkeit,” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos 302. “The fun and excitement just keeps them coming back for more.” 

The program will culminate with a grand menorah lighting, gathering everyone together to be inspired by the victory of good over evil. With glowing faces (due only in part to the glow-in-the-dark face paint) and Chanukah Mitzvah Missions in hand, each child will receive a CKIds Menorah kit and be encouraged to “Share It” so they can “share the light” with a friend. The children will leave electrified with excitement for the fun of Judaism and the empowering knowledge that they can light up the darkness.

 Visit to get the CKids “Chanukah Disco” program for your community! 

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