Hundreds of Chabad Houses To Celebrate Shavuos “On The Lawn”

A new CKids’ Shavuos program is transforming davening time into an immersive and joyful celebration of our Torah’s guarantors.

Every Shavuos, Chabad Houses around the world fill with excited children who are drawn in to hear the Aseres Hadibros read with the promise of a post-davening ice cream party. 

This year, kids won’t have to sit impatiently through davening while counting the minutes to their treats. Instead, CKids’ new Shavuos program is transforming davening time into an immersive and joyful celebration of our Torah’s guarantors. 

“Our goal is for kids to constantly be excited to learn and experience more about Yiddishkeit,” says Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal, Director of CKids International at Merkos 302. “There’s so much to explore about each Yom Tov, and we want kids to experience something fresh and new each year.” 

“This program is about upgrading the standard Shavuos ice cream party and infusing it with new themes and twists to make it a fresh experience for every child and family. And every piece of the program – each game, story, activity – is designed to impress on kids the special meaning of the day and their important role in the Jewish nation.”

As with all of CKids’ Clubs, the Shavuos Club is fully prepped with everything shluchim need to run it. The turnkey event is created to suit shluchim with small groups, large groups, and everything in between, with a flexible build that can fit into the specific amount of time each community has for the program. 

More than 200 Chabad Houses are hosting the CKids Shavuos Club, including Shlucha Mrs. Rivky Horowitz at Chabad of Canton, MA.

“CKids Clubs add a wonderful extra chayus to our shlichus, and it really brings an extra unity to our community,” says Mrs. Horowitz. “It makes preparing for Yom Tov so much easier for us and so much more exciting for the community. The CKids activities are always right on target, engaging, educational, and the activities are all ready-made – all we have to do is man the booths! When we advertise the programs it builds enthusiasm and excitement in our local families and makes our community something people are proud to be a part of.”

“There’s no more appropriate time than Shavuos for children to take center stage of the celebration,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and Chairman of the Chabad Children’s Network (CKids). “The Rebbe spoke of the children not just as being our guarantors at Har Sinai, in whose merit we received the Torah thousands of years ago, but that the children are our guarantors to this day. When we receive the Torah again on Shavuos every year, it’s in the merit of the children.”

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