Hundreds of Bochurim Mastered the Rebbe’s Haggadah

Bochurim from tens of Yeshivos studied the Rebbe’s Haggadah in honor of Yud-Aleph Nissan, as part of an initiative launched by the Vaad Hatmimim.

Several days before Yud-Aleph Nissan, hundreds of Bochurim around the world completed the Rebbe’s Haggadah, as part of an initiative honoring Yud-Aleph Nissan, the Rebbe’s birthday.

Facilitated and organized by the Vaad Hatmimim, Yeshivos around the world took part in the ‘והגדת לבנך’ initiative, encouraging Bochurim to utilize their free time to sit down and learn the Rebbe’s biurim on the Haggadah.

Many hundreds of Bochurim took part in the initiative, and ultimately over two hundred Bochurim passed all three tests.

Accompanying the Haggadah initiative were the acclaimed “Kulo Orah” magazines, laden with Yud-Aleph Nissan related content and printed exclusively for the Bochurim.

All in all, this initiative brought a tremendous excitement and energy to many Bochurim, and practically facilitated a befitting preparation for Yud-Aleph Nissan. Additionally, many Bochurim took inspiration from this initiative and took upon themselves to learn more, as their own personal preparation for Yud-Aleph Nissan.

In the words of one Bochur: “The Mivtzah Haggadah made me realize just how special of an opportunity I have, as a young Bochur, to give a birthday gift to the Rebbe.”

Throughout the year, the Vaad Hatmimim is there for the Yeshiva Bochurim, providing structured programming for them in preparation for Yomei Depagra, and to aid them as they develop their personal Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

As we approach thirty years since Gimmel Tammuz, the Vaad Hatmimim has plans to expand this incredibly crucial endeavor. Special programming and events are in the works with the hopes of reaching Bochurim all over the world.

Watch the videos below to see past activities of the Vaad Hatmimim.

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