Hundreds Distribute ‘Hadassa’s Glow’ Shabbos Candles

Teenage counselors, adventurous globetrotters, elementary students, and ShopRite shoppers are loading up with Neshek kits, aptly named Hadassa’s Glow – to distribute to Jewish women worldwide.

Hadassah glowed.

Everywhere she went, you felt her smile. Her energy. Her presence. She radiated light.
An initiative was started this summer to perpetuate the light.

Hundreds of participants are pledging to give out Neshek kits over the summer to perpetuate Hadassah Lebovic’s light. Beautifully wrapped candles were provided to those that signed up, and off they went, securely tucked into luggage and handbags of…

Teenage counselors, adventurous globetrotters, elementary students riding the trains, families heading up to the country and Costco, Trader Joe, and ShopRite shoppers have loaded up with Neshek kits, aptly named Hadassa’s Glow – and are now unloading them.

Here are some snapshots:

Sharon, en route to Turks and Caicos, was delighted to receive a kit from her fellow traveler, Yehudis Telsner, mid-flight. Excitedly, Sharon set up a photoshoot with her new candles in her vacation home.

Gwenn, a camper in Gan Yisroel Grand Rapids, was thrilled to receive a special birthday gift from her counselor, Hinda Katzen. Her very own candle!

Adrienne received a Shabbat candle from the French division of Hadassa’s Glow.

Hadassah’s glow is spreading. France, Canada, Caribbean, Six Flags (shoutout to Camp Emunah!), train rides, and even your local Walmart.

If you handed out a Neshek kit, you were not just gifting candles.

You passed on Haddassa’s glow.

You gave another Jewish woman Haddassa’s infectious love of life, her sparkly laughter, her radiant disposition.

You gifted the passerby with the strong assurance of her place as a Jewish woman bringing light into the world.

So where does that leave you?

Be one of the people spreading the Glow. We are aiming to reach 5,000 Jewish women by the end of this summer. 2,300 candles were already pledged.

Click here to pledge the number of candles you will bl”n distribute.

Follow Haddassah’s glow on Instagram to watch the candles leave their mark.

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