Huge Success for New Winter Overnight Camp

Running a winter camp for the first time is a huge undertaking, and there was a fair amount of hesitation. But CKids Gan Israel Florida winter camp turned out to be a huge success.

When Ckids Gan Israel Florida summer camp came to a close in August, camp directors Rabbi Levi and Chaya Plotkin absolutely knew that the campers would need a mid-year boost in their Yiddishkeit. 

Spending three weeks of the summer in a Yiddishe environment ignites a love for Yiddishkeit and sends the boys back home as proud and happy Yidden.

One of the extraordinary results of the camp was a small number of campers whose parents transferred them from public school and enrolled them in a Jewish day school.

The majority of the campers continued on in public school and would need continued support and encouragement in their Yiddishkeit.

A winter overnight camp would be the perfect next program.

Running a winter camp for the first time is a huge undertaking, and there was a fair amount of hesitation.

Knowing the vital importance to keep the flame alive in these boys, camp took the leap and opened registration for their first ever winter overnight camp.

“The amount of Brochos that were experienced from the moment we took the leap and announced the winter camp was simply wondrous!”

Merkos Suite 302 backed the effort and supported the initiative with a camp scholarship grant.

Rabbi Biston offered the campgrounds.

Donors showed up to make the funding work!

Parents responded with excitement!

Shluchim encouraged the winter camp and sent kids!

The list goes on.

The biggest miracle of winter camp was the Torah, Mitzvos, Mivtzoim, Hachlotos, and everlasting memories that the campers took home with them.

Looking back at the winter camp, the Plotkins are sure that it gave the campers the boost they need and are now focusing on increasing the number of campers for Ckids Gan Israel Florida summer camp for summer 2024.

Scroll through the photos for a taste of the experience.

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