‘Hug for Henya’ Launched in Memory of Shlucha

A new project launched by classmates of Henya Federman in honor of her first yahrzeit, offers invaluable parenting and relationship advice and gives comfort to her loved ones. 

Classmates of Henya Federman have come together to launch HugforHenya.com, introducing rituals for strengthening and deepening relationships.

Over the next six weeks, visit HugforHenya to submit “embraces” of children, friends, parents, and spouses. These entries will be collected as a comfort for the Federman family and a raffle will be announced after her first yahrzeit. 

As a mother of a large family and a shlucha; child-rearing, education and community were central to Henya Federman. That is why the central theme of this campaign is nurturing relationships. “Nurturing is becoming a lost art”, explains Sima Susskind, co-founder of HugforHenya, “it requires presence and connection. We are so distracted today with the hundreds of activities pulling us in a dozen directions at once. Particularly with children, it’s a tremendous challenge, but I have found that singing to my children provides a bridge to connect”. 

Through collaborations with well-known musicians, Beryl Zucker, Chony Zucker, and Rabbi B., HugforHenya.com aims to help families form deeper, healthier connections, while also providing comfort to Henya’s family and loved ones. The new music songs are available as a free download in different variations such as English, Chabad, and Yiddish, with lyrics and movements, providing a means to emotionally and physically connect. 

Beyond the music, HugforHenya.com offers very practical steps to nurture our existing relationships with friends, spouses, grandparents, students and children. It comes down to mindfulness and meeting a person where they are. While many of the tools offered on HugforHenya.com may seem obvious, sometimes we need little reminders and incentives to stay the course. 

For the next several weeks leading up to Henya Federman’s first yahrzeit on 17 Shevat, HugforHenya is encouraging people to log their moments of connection – both big and small. The entries will be shared with family members as a gift from you to them and raffle prizes will be announced shortly thereafter. 

The world mourned the tragic passing of shlucha, Henya Federman, last year when she succumbed to a water accident. Through Henya’s short life, her giant heart and loving, warm embrace nurtured the hearts of thousands. As stories come out from friends and family – the common thread was Henya’s presence and connection she had with people. This campaign asks that people come together to spread her embrace farther than ever before. Please sign up now to receive ideas for cultivating relationships over the next six weeks HERE.

With blessings for the immediate redemption when all pain and suffering will end and we will all be reunited with our loved ones in Eretz Yisroel. 

Please visit HugforHenya.com to join the campaign, download new songs, get inspired to connect with others more deeply, and to participate in the raffle. 

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