How Would You Bribe the Rebbe

What causes the Rebbe inner joy and pleasure? Can one pass time aimlessly and be a mekushar? Can you bribe the Rebbe by learning Sichos? A fascinating yechidus from 5732.

A transcript of a bochur’s yechidus from 5732 (1972):

“Hashem should help that the next time you come in you should be able to write of the good that you do, and not only the negative. When I hear of a bochur in Tomchei Temimim who learns, davens and acts appropriately, this gives me simcha un tanug nafshi upnimi (personal, inner joy and pleasure).

“The opposite effect is also self-understood. Certainly, at least out of ahavas Yisroel, you and your friends at the yeshiva will work to this end…

“Regarding this that you ask a bracha for hiskashrus – it is obvious that one cannot drei zich arum pust un past (pass time aimlessly) and concurrently be a mekushar

“A bochur in Tomchei Temimim who doesn’t keep the times, learn or daven properly – I won’t accept bribery from the fact that he learns Likutei Sichos periodically and does me a favor by getting involved in ufaratzta activities…

“Hashem should help you to become a true tomim, a true mekushar, firstly by being tomim (wholesome) with Hashem, with simcha. And we should be able to say with pride ‘reu gidulim shegidalti – look at the offspring that we have raised.’”

(Teshurah Slavatici, Adar 5766)

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  1. wow, what a fantastic story! thank you for sharing!
    p.s. Just for the record, don’t you find the term “bribe” quite disrespectful to apply to the Rebbe? it directly indicates a torah-violation. additionally:
    1) the quote “I won’t accept bribery from the fact that he learns Likutei Sichos periodically” doesn’t indicate that there is some way to bribe the Rebbe, rather quite the opposite!
    2) once a budding New York politician came past “Dollars”and, hoping to win the Rebbes’ public recommendation, was full of praise for the Rebbe and Chabad, to which the Rebbe replied (in English) “don’t try to bribe me”

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