How to Raise Optimistic Kids

In a talk to parents, Rabbi Aharon Gancz explained the link between optimism and Yiras Shamayim in children. 

On Tuesday, 21 Cheshvan / November 19, parents gathered at Oholei Torah to hear a talk by Rabbi Aharon Gancz titled “How to Educate My Child with Yiras Shamayim, Optimism and Simchas Hachayim.”

During the talk, Rabbi Gancz shared that in order for children to grow up loving and living a Yiddishe life, it is imperative that they see us engaging in Torah and Mitzvos with simcha and enjoyment.

The program, which was held in honor of the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Isaac Mintz, was organized by his son Rabbi Efraim Mintz, director of JLI International.

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