Parents Learn the Secret to Resilience

Hundreds of Crown Heights parents gathered to hear Rabbi Aharon Gancz share insight and tips on how to raise resilient and positive kids.

By reporter

In Tuesday’s talk, titled “How to Educate My Child with Yiras Shamayim, Optimism and Simchas Hachayim,” Rabbi Aharon Gancz rejected a widely accepted axiom about parenting.

“The main nekuda of the evening was that what people claim- that children do what their parents do- is not true,” Rabbi Gancz told “Children do what their parents LOVE to do.”

Rabbi Gancz went on to explain that children can sense when their parents are only doing something out of obligation, and will notice if they prefer to get out of those obligations whenever possible- through a heter or any other means. If they see a lack of simchas hachaim invested in Yiddishkeit, they will find other areas in life to pursue with passion.

“The reality is that we see this in every household,” Rabbi Gancz said. “Where parents try, children will succeed! If Torah and mitzvos is truly who you are and what you care about, that will filter down to your children.”

The program, which was held in honor of the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Isaac Mintz, was organized by his son Rabbi Efraim Mintz, director of JLI International. A recording of Rabbi Gancz’s lecture will be made available to the public within the next few days.

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