How the Rebbe’s Birthday Campaign Was Born

On Chof-Hei Adar 5748, the Rebbetzin’s 87th birthday, just after the conclusion of Shacharis, the Rebbe suddenly descended from the second floor of his home and began a sicha. This came as an absolute surprise to everyone present.

Following the Histalkus of the Rebbetzin on Chof-Beis Shevat 5748, the Rebbe davened during the week in his home on President Street throughout the Shnas Ha’Aveilus. On Chof-Hei Adar, the Rebbetzin’s 87th birthday, several minutes after the conclusion of Shacharis, the Rebbe suddenly descended from the second floor and approached his Shtender to say a Sicha. This came as an absolute surprise to everyone present.

Continuing the theme of  “V’Hachai Yitein El Libo – and the living shall take to heart” that the Rebbe had emphasized since the Histalkus, the Rebbe suggested that in connection with the Rebbetzin’s birthday, it was appropriate to focus on the Minhagim of Yom Huledes and to share them with Klal Yisrael. 

From the Sicha of 25 Adar 5748: “A suggestion: It would be the greatest Zechus for the Neshama [of the Rebbetzin]; in connection with her Neshama and its elevation, we should institute that all Yidden begin celebrating their birthdays…” Learn the full Sicha here.

Shortly thereafter, a detailed list of ten Minhagei Yom Huledes, compiled from the Rebbe’s Sichos and letters, was edited by the Rebbe and publicized. Thus Mivtza Yom Huledes was born. Read the Minhogim here.

The Rebbe explained that the reason the importance of birthdays only became known to us in recent years is that as the final generation before Moshiach, we have the responsibility to transform the final birurim which can be accomplished through transforming a “regular day” into a Yom Tov by observing one’s Yom Huledes.

Read more in ‘Mivtza Yom Huledes – A historically private observance becomes a minhag for klal Yisrael’ from A Chassidisher Derher.

You can learn more about the launch of the Rebbe’s birthday campaign and the Rebbetzin’s birthday at, a resource page from Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus, that boasts hundreds of useful resources connected to the day. Read a detailed article from ‘A Chassidisher Derher’ here.

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