How the Rebbe Convinced a Chemist to Take On Another Shiur

When Reb Avrohom Shlomo Slavaticki, a food chemist from Eretz Yisroel, told the Rebbe about his set times for Torah study, the Rebbe suggested that he add one more short one, and then brought a proof from chemistry.

When Reb Avrohom Shlomo Slavaticki, a food chemist from Eretz Yisroel, stood in yechidus, the Rebbe expressed interest in his profession.

The conversation progressed, and the Rebbe asked him what his fixed times for learning Torah were. When he answered that he had a morning and an evening kevius, the Rebbe encouraged him to add another one, even if it was very short.

“As a chemist,” the Rebbe said, “you surely know that the quantity is not necessarily the deciding factor. Often, one could have a compound of a few ingredients, and by adding merely a drop of another component, the entire composite could be transformed.

“Likewise,” the Rebbe concluded, “it is with learning Torah. Sometimes, just another short study could change your entire day.”

(Teshurah Slavaticki, Adar 5766)

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