How the Mitzvah Tank Parade Got Started

Video: This year’s Yud Alef Nissan will be marked with the largest Mitzvah Tank Parade in history, with 120 Tanks spreading the Rebbe’s message across New York. Watch to discover how the Mitzvah tank parade got started.

A Brand new Documentary on Mitzva Tanks and Mitzva Tank parades released in honor of the upcoming Mega Mitzva Tank parade on Yud Alef Nissan.

The beautiful documentary is a chronological account of how the Mitzva Tank came to be and the evolvement and growth of the parades throughout the years.

This video is yet another one of the projects of the Mitzva Tank office, which is working day and night to ensure the success of the largest and greatest parade ever.

You can participate in this beautiful gift to the Rebbe by clicking here now:

Better yet, consider being one of our 120 partners by dedicating one year of the Rebbe’s life and ensuring an additional one of the 120 tanks.

Take part in the world’s largest parade here:


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