How Israel Should Respond to a US Secretary of State

Watch: The Rebbe tells Israeli cabinet officials the only way Israel must respond to heavy pressure from President Bush and Secretary of State James Baker.

In November of 1989, Israel’s Cabinet Secretary Elyakim Rubinstein explains how difficult it is to hold out against the pressures by US Secretary of State James Baker.

In a notable departure from his patient disposition, the Rebbe repeatedly interjects, trying to school the Israeli diplomat on the way to earn Americans’ respect.

Sadly, despite Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir‘s hawkish reputation, the process in which Secretary Rubinstein and Shamir engaged led to autonomy in Gaza and the West Bank — and eventually to 10/7.

When Americans apply pressure, they are testing how important an issue is; how integral to your survival.

When you cave, you are declaring that it’s not truly imperative for your survival.


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