How Reb Yoel Inspired the Opening of Yagdil Torah

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Reb Yoel’s admonishment to a chossid who was learning alone later served as the foundation for opening Yagdil Torah which makes public learning more popular and accessible.

Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Nochum Kaplan would give classes to Kolel Yungeleit. R’ Levi Browd was one of them. One of the anecdotes Rabbi Browd recalls hearing from Rabbi Kaplan is as follows:

One day, I was sitting in a side room in Shul learning quietly. Suddenly, Rav Yoel a”h passed by and saw me learning. He told me, “Know that all the problems of people not learning properly comes from you learning like this, alone and hiding. If you would be learning in public, the situation would have been a lot better…”

It is safe to assume that this story served as a powerful inspiration to start the organization Yagdil Torah which has made public learning (and learning) more and more popular by offering shiurim and providing places of learning. Additionally, Yagdil Torah has served as an inspiration for numerous Anash cities, many of whom are starting similar programs and building such environments – many with the guidance of Yagdil Torah.

As far as what Yagdil Torah itself currently offers, it has two Heichal Halimud locations in Crown Heights.

Location 1:
574 Empire Blvd 
Brooklyn, NY 11225

6 am – 2 am, 7 days a week

Location 2:
1475 President St 
Brooklyn, NY 11213
(entrance on Albany, the gate near alley)

6 am – 2 am, 7 days a week
Heichal may be closed at times, please contact Yagdil Torah for current details before visiting

[email protected]

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