How One Man’s Efforts Changed The Face of Modern-Day Chassidus

R’ Meir Roness A”H enabled thousands to experience the vitality of Chassidus. Partner with Keren Meir and win big! 

Most of us have heard the name “R’ Meir Roness”—and for good reason.

Rabbi Meir Roness A”H, was a longtime Crown Heights resident who, as a young bochur who arrived from Montreal, dedicated his life to the Rebbe’s mission of disseminating Chassidus.

First, on his own initiative and then working with Rabbi Dovid Raskin A”H, chairman of the Lubavitch Youth Organization, R’ Meir organized and coordinated shiurim in Chassidus throughout the tri-state area and beyond. Even to the extent of flying a monthly Magid Shiur to Yeshivos throughout the country.

The Rebbe continuously urged Chassidim to assume responsibility for the welfare of all Yidden, both b’gashmius and b’ruchnius. A chassid to his core, R’ Meir set out to do exactly that.

Over the course of more than half a century, he fundraised, organized, and networked. The results were remarkable; thanks to his untiring efforts, thousands of yidden of all backgrounds gained access to the study of Chassidus. 

R’ Meir A”H passed away 7 years ago, but his legacy of hafatzos hamayanos continues to expand and flourish under the care of Keren Meir, directed by his son-in-law, R’ Yisroel Botnick, by sponsoring 100+ shiurim a month, arranging farbrengens, chavrusa programming, and dissemination of the Chassidus and the Rebbe’s sichos.

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