How Does the Rebbe’s Bracha Work?

A Moment with the Rebbe: A group of college students asked the Rebbe in yechidus about the significance of his brachos, and the Rebbe explained what it does.

“What is the significance of a bracha that a Rebbe gives?” a group of college students once asked the Rebbe.

“The idea of a bracha from a tzadik exists from the times of our forefathers, Avrohom, Yitzchok and Yaakov,” the Rebbe began, “and has since been continued throughout the ages.

“My father-in-law explained that a bracha is like rainwater, which makes the produce grow. The rain will only bring benefit to a field that has been properly treated, ploughed and sowed. Likewise, the recipient of a bracha must ‘treat and plough’ his bodily desires, in order to be receptive to the bracha. A bracha cannot be accepted by a person without preparation.”

The Rebbe then explained that sometimes a tzadik makes an exception to the rule. “If a person is in a very dire state, as in a coma, a good doctor will not give up on reviving him. He will invest every effort, sometimes even by causing the patient pain, to bring him back to life. If necessary, he may even use shock treatment to arouse him.”

(Elul 5712, Teshurah Sandhaus, Shevat 5768)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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