How Can You Help Stabilize the World?

During this time of global instability, each of us has the incredible opportunity to bring the Rebbe’s request to every Jewish person, and create a safer world. 

This week the worldwide Chabad community watched the incredible video JEM made about the Rebbe launching the campaign to say Hareini Mekabel before davening and Ach Tzadikim at the end, and its power to achieve world peace.

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In 1983, Russia was locked deep into the Cold War with the West. The nuclear tragedy was being openly discussed and the world was on edge. In response, the Rebbe chose to highlight the great power we have by responding to the physical danger with a spiritual campaign. Simply, Two prayers to bring world peace.

Fast forward to this week…

“I came home from shul,” says brigadier general Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum and got a call from a friend, Shmuly Reinetz and he said “We have to reprint the stickers.”

It’s very clear that the Rebbe wanted this to be spread not only to the Lubavitch world but for every single Jew.

The pair immediately contacted Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, executive director of Tzivos Hashem, who provided them with a copy of the original stickers that were made for that first rally.

“To cut a long story short, we just got 100,000 stickers back from the printer. Now it’s time to distribute them around the world,” Weinbaum says.

“To be honest,” says Weinbaum, “it’s embarrassing that we only printed 100,000 copies when the Rebbe wants to reach every Jew. But IYH very soon we can reprint many more.”

Tzivos Hashem is appealing to EVERY single Lubavitcher to get involved. We all know people. Many of us have a connection to non-chabad schools. This is a time when everyone wants to do all they can, and this is an incredible opportunity for us all to be the Rebbe’s Shluchim to bring the Rebbe’s request to the world. 

Simply fill out the form:

  1. The amount that you want to give out.  
  2. The name and address you want them sent to. 
  3. Or choose the pick up option. 

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