How ACM’s Fundraising Campaign Miraculously Succeeded

When Ateres Chaya Mushka dared to set an ambitious goal of $500K in its first Gala Dinner, skeptics worried it was too audacious of an undertaking. Yet, by living ‘l’chatchila ariber‘, they succeeded.

When Ateres Chaya Mushka (ACM) dared to set an ambitious goal of $500K in its first Gala Dinner, many skeptics worried it was too audacious of an undertaking.

But ACM didn’t let anyone’s doubts get in the way of their mission to provide the best education for their students. The school leadership committed to challenging themselves well beyond their comfort zone, and they did just that.

“As the campaign progressed, it was clear that ACM was going to need to work harder than ever to achieve this goal. The school refused to settle for mediocrity and pushed themselves to achieve the miraculous.” Said Bracha Torenheim, TOP CEO, who ran the campaign from strategy, branding, videos and marketing.

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Parents, students, teachers, and a long list of kind hearted people worked tirelessly to ensure that every child would receive the best education. No child would be left behind because of lack of funds. 

Mrs. Leah Levine, the school founder and director shared: “It was especially heartwarming to see young students and their siblings raising funds for a school they love by selling homemade drinks and pastries. Even the youngest students participated, raising dollar by dollar, making $2-$7 contributions from their Chanukah Gelt savings. These are heartfelt gifts which Hashem loves.” 

Donations poured in from every direction, with people giving what they could to be a partner with ACM in reaching their goal. In the end, thanks to the support and generosity of the greater community, ACM surpassed their goal and raised $520,572 from +1,200 donors.

The miraculous success of the campaign is a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to the idea of “Lechatchilah Ariber,” going above and beyond in everything they do. Because every child deserves the best education. Every child is a unique and beautiful whole world.  

The school wishes to extend a shoutout to all of the amazing parents, faculty, and staff who have been pulling out all the stops day in and day out to make this challenge a whopping success.

Behind every such great achievement, there are always a few superstars, and ACM’s campaign’s success is no exception. The school wishes to thank its key benefactors, who helped skyrocket the campaign to new heights, making the seemingly impossible, possible. A successful reality!

Much thanks goes to the genius team who led the campaign: Bracha Torenheim, CEO of TOP Media, for her vision and tireless leadership in spearheading the campaign to it’s amazing success, Ariella Shapiro for bringing the ACM message to life, as well as Tomer Ratzabi Bar, Saar Edri and the entire TOP team. 

The school extends a special thanks to its board members, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Levine and Rabbi Yeshaya Elazar Cohen. 

Dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of any successful campaign and for this ACM thanks  Mendy Lifshitz and Yossi Shachar.

Above all, the success of the campaign would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of the Crown Heights community. 

Because of your donations, ACM can continue to provide the best education possible for every student. Thanks to you ACM will enthusiastically expand and grow and continue to reach higher and higher goals. Because at ACM, “Lehatchilah Ariber” isn’t just a goal, it’s a way of life.

United as one family we make the Rebbe and Rebbetzin proud!

You can still take part: Click here to donate!

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