Seattle Suburbs Receive New Shluchim

Rabbi Moshe and Devorah Wolff are headed to Washington State on a mission: to bring Yiddishkeit to the suburban cities of Greater Seattle that need a Chabad presence now more than ever.

By reporter

While there are over a dozen Chabad Houses serving Jews in Seattle, WA, the surrounding suburban cities ranging from Burien in the North down to Southern Federal Way, have yet to merit the presence of full-time shluchim. These cities make up part of Greater Seattle and, in recent years, have witnessed a steady influx of Jews.

The cities will soon welcome new shluchim Rabbi Moshe and Devorah Wolff, who will work under Rabbi Sholom Ber and Chanie Levitin, Regional Directors of Chabad of the Pacific Northwest.

In the next few months, the Wolffs intend to raise funds and make preparations to build a brand new Chabad House in the region to serve the growing Jewish population.

Please help the Wolffs as they embark on their mission to bring authentic Yiddishkeit to thousands of Jews.

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