Home COVID Tests Being Offered in Crown Heights

Regular tests for COVID-19 has become almost a part of life in 2020. Kāmin Health is offering at-home testing in Crown Heights, with a minimal charge for small groups, or no charge for groups of six or more.

It has become almost a part of life in 2020. You need to travel somewhere, to get your kids into school, to keep your place of work running. “Fine,” you might be told. “Just get a COVID test.” Indeed, as the world works its way through this pandemic, Covid-19 testing has emerged as an important—and sometimes mandatory—key to restoring a measure of normalcy to life.

Though the need for COVID testing can quickly become inconvenient, even stressful. Where is the best place to be tested? How can I get tested if I’m supposed to be in quarantine? Who will watch my other kids while we go wait in line for a test?

These are important questions, and a convenient solution is now available from Kāmin Health Urgent Care Centers: Home COVID-19 Testing. 

Instead of leaving your home, Kāmin Health brings the test to you. Simply book an appointment, and a qualified individual will come to your home and take care of the whole process. It’s as simple as that. 

The tests are billed directly to your insurance or using your social security number. Small groups or individuals will be charged $15 per person out-of-pocket, while groups of five or more will have no additional costs.

Please note that at this time only PCR tests are being offered with this service.

Kāmin Health is committed to offering the highest level of care—at the highest level of convenience—to the Crown Heights community. Helping you live life without undue interference from COVID testing, is just one more way Kāmin Health is there for you. 

To book an at-home COVID test today, for you or your family, simply visit www.kaminhealth.com/homevisit

For questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

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