Historic Photo: R’ Yitzchok Dubov at the Manchester Yeshiva

A newly uncovered photo shows the Lubavitcher rov of Manchester Harav Yitzchok Dubov on the steps of the Manchester Yeshiva in 5706 (1946).

By Anash.org staff

A newly uncovered photo shows the Lubavitcher rov of Manchester Harav Yitzchok Dubov on the steps of the Manchester Yeshiva in 5706.

Harav Yitzchok Dubov was born in 5646 near Babroisk and attended the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva in Lubavitch from 5661 through 5667.

Harav Dubov received semicha from the Rogotchover Gaon and served as rov in various cities in the USSR, before relocating to Manchester, England, in 5688 (1928). He served there as the rov of Anash and a maggid shiur in the local yeshiva.

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  1. R’ Yitzchok left his post as Rov in Riga to allow the Rebbe Rayatz to be listed in that position after the Rebbe Rayatz left Russia for good.

    When they parted, the Rebbe Rayatz told R Yitzchok we will meet again.

    The met next at the yechidus before the wedding of R Yehuda Leib Dubov obm, who was married Zayin Shevat.

    1. Rabbi Dubov (or as he is known in Manchester – “Rebbi Dubov”) was the rov of the Addas Yisroel Nussach Hoarizal shul untill his passing in 5737.

      He was brought to Manchester by Reb Shneur Zalman Klyne, The Parnas of the Addas shul, who knew him from his time in Riga.

      He was brought to assist the then rov of Addas shul, who was also the Av Beis Din of Manchester, Rebbi Rivkin.

      After Rebbi Rivkin away, ערב יום כיפור תש”ח, Rebbi Dubov took over as rov of the shul.

    1. Well, will you share this nice backstory !!! Always interesting to hear nostalgia of chassidim especially those who assisted and made life easier (begashmiys) to the Rabbayim. Please share !

  2. Mr. Klyne z”l mentioned as bringing Rebbi Dubov to M/c – his name was actually R’ CHAIM Shneur Zalman not as stated (almost certainly after the Tsemach Tsedek’s son R’ CSZ.). The Klyne family are geza Chabad going back to the time of the Alter Rebbe.

    Rebbi Dubov was not just the Rov, he was a Baal Koreh every Shabbos and Yom Tov plus megillas ester and Chazan for musaf for all yomim tovim and Yomim Noroim plus kol nidre and neila. He was a talented Baal menagen; so for example the Rebbe’s Ato vechartonu was sung in our shul in chazoras hashatz long before the Rebbe taught it. We learned many memorable nigunim for hallel and musaf still sung in my family.

    I was brought up in the Adas Yisroel shul and R’ CSZ Klyne was my Uncle Lazer z”l Klyne’s father.

    1. The reason some don’t write the name Chayim is because it seems to have been added later, and therefore when he brought down Rebbi Dubov he was perhaps not called by it.

      Proof to the fact that it’s a name that was added later: He has two grandsons named after him, (sons of Reb Betsalel and Reb Berke); whilst Reb Berke’s son is called Chayim Shneur Zalman,Reb Betsalel’s son is only called Shneur Zalman.
      This surely proves that even though his name eventually was חיים שניאור זלמן, his family didn’t necessarily see it that way.

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