Rav Yitzchak Abuhatzeira’s Hiloula Celebrated in Crown Heights

Over 150 men and women joined an event marking the 112th Hiloula of the saintly Tzadik and Mekubal Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira on Tuesday night in Crown Heights.

The 112th Hiloula of the saintly Tzadik and Mekubal, Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira זצוק”ל זי”ע הי”ד was celebrated last night in Crown Heights.

Over 150 men and women attended in person, while another 150 joined in the live stream.

The evening was organized by Rabbi Lazer Avtzon, Rav of the Sefardic community in Crown Heights and of Merkaz Sefarad Chabad, and in partnership with the Zaetz and Lipsker families, descendants of the Abir Yaacov and Baba Sali.

Mrs. Chaya Zaets and four of her children were actually in Toulal, Morocco, by the Kever of the Tzadik, and provided live stream from the Kever, allowing those present to daven to the Tzadik on line.

Her husband, Rabbi Moshe Zaetz, and her sister, Mrs. Annette Lipsker, graced us with their presence.

Rabbi Avtzon shared the life story of Rabbi Yitzchok, starting from him being born based on a dream and Bracha from the Arizal Hakadosh, whom he is named after, to his father waking him at 8 years old to have the moon reveal itself on a cloudy night, to his composing the famous Piyut of אעופה אשכונה and other songs, to his ultimate death על קידוש השם at the young age of 52.

One could feel the special Kedusha in the room as Rabbi Avtzon explained the parallels of the Tzadik’s untimely death and the situation now in Eretz Yisroel as he led the Tefilot for Am Yisroel, for our soldiers and for the safe return of all the hostages, including those who are relatives of families here in Crown Heights, and who were in attendance by the Hiloula.

Divrei Bracha and Chizuk were also given by Rabbi Yaacov Nimni, Rav of the Ner Menachem Shul and Kollel on Empire Blvd, and by Rabbi Zevulun Bazov, a Mekubal from Eretz Yisroel, and who is currently in New York.

Piyutim were led by Adam Amsallam and Dovid Attias, in unison with many Bachurim from Kvutza and others living in the Shechuna, providing a feeling of Achdut, inspiration and Geulah Brachamim.

A special Teshura on the life of Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzeira was given out and can be downloaded here.

A replay of the YouTube livestream can also be seen here:

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